The Energetic Eating Method
12-24 week Program

An individualized program to eat for a life you love

It's all starts with an intention.

But not in an app to count macros, calories, surplus, or deficits. These systems have taught us that we can't trust our own processes to health. When we don't trust our own signals and understand how food is impacting us more than that, we are stuck in the dieting cycle. I will teach you my signature intention-setting journaling process and give you 1:1 feedback that counts, not a mathematical equation or target goal.

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We will make eating healthy possible in the real life.

Our choices are not good or bad choices. They are either conscious or unconscious choices. When we eat with little awareness of our why, inflammation, addiction, and reliance on the easier options takes precedence. With me, you'll eat for your why and build healthy habits that support the most important parts of your life, not just a number on a scale.

We'll create a program that works for you. 

This program is not for you if you just want rigid rules and a 30-day plan. Our bodies are the vessel through which we generate energy using how we think, eat and live. I will teach you how to balance your internal energy system with thoughts, foods and behaviors that optimize your health and joy. You are investing in way more than a weight loss program. This is self-discovery through health-discovery. 

No to meal plans.

Yes to your plans.

I spent years trying programs with $3 daily smoothie packets and pre-made meals. But instead of feeling empowered, I felt slave to the dietary demands and shame when I didn't do it. I'll never ask you to do that.  In my program there are no smoothie packets or ridiculous demands to cleanse and ritualize something you have to adhere to for the rest of your life. For many of us, smoothie and meal plan reliance becomes yet another way we feel like we aren't doing a good job. Stop relying on smoothies and meal plans and start having thoughtful consideration for what actually works for your body.

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Is the thought of another failed diet exhausting? The Energetic Eating Method is for you.

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12-24 week Program

  • Ultimate accountability through 1:1 coaching with me, and weekly personalized nutrition
  • Group coaching and access to my members-only community group
  •  The 12-week step-by-step process to stop dieting and think, eat, and live as your best self

  • Short weekly on demand content with action tasks to implement this into your life

  • Learn the top 12 mindset shifts every woman needs to stop the dieting cycle

  • 12-week customizable strength and movement plan

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