It's more than health.
It's getting out of your own way.

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The world needs empowered women
who have the energy to take action
for the most important things in life.

We must take our power back from diet culture. We can tune out the noise and look within.
We inherently know the truth about how and why we take action to be the healthiest versions of ourselves. But we've been taught not to know.

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Empowered Health is Freedom.

Imagine knowing the thoughts, foods, and actions that work for you to help you reach your full potential.

  • Be free of guilt.
  • Be free of another quick fix.
  • Be free of self-sabotage.

Empowered health is the energy you create for a lifelong happy and fulfilling relationship with yourself.

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Self-discovery is

Diet culture separates body from mind. With the energetic way, thoughts come first.

Take action without hesitation or fear.

 Diet culture teaches us not to trust ourselves. The energetic way teaches you to know what to eat for your body.

Know what keeps you stuck.

Diet culture forgets our life is more than food and exercise. The energetic way is a journey with acts self love for the health of our dreams.

3 Programs designed for you to get out of your own way and stand in your power.

Energetic Eating Method
12-Week Program

The Energetic Eating Method is the only program that is both positively affirming and addresses the reality of inflammatory foods and behaviors that keep us stuck. Your health is inside of you waiting to be seen. It’s the things you want to do, but you keep standing in your own way.

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The Energetic Way to 5K
12-Week Program

The Energetic Way to 5k course and virtual coaching program supports women from walking to running or a combination of both using my guide to a holistic mind-body  approach to running. Ditch the old way of target goals, paces, and weight loss goals, and instead learn how to finally get out of your own way and commit to a lifelong passion for running in your unique body.

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Energetic Way to Strength
12-Week Program

The Energetic Way to Strength is a live class that shows you how to access your power from home with simple and effective body weight and weight training techniques. We use no fancy equipment so you can see that your strength is inside of you, not the newest trend. My approach is suitable for all fitness levels, and gives you the confidence to access your strength and power today with the group, and on your own.

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Energetic Eating 

"Helen is the first person I've met in a long time who addresses the underlying aspects of what we eat, whether or not we move...and she discourages people from "dieting" and instead encourages us to focus on what brings us energy and joy." 

EEM, Strength, & 5k

“Helen, I can’t thank you enough for the gift you have given me. You made me love me! Not 17 years of counseling, not destroying my body in bad workout classes and not starving myself, you, you did it, thank you!! Everyone should call you!”

EEM & 5k 

You helped me change my relationship with food, and now feel very energetic, agile, and not falling a sleep in front TV all the time.  I suggest you contact her and make foundational changes and stop dieting!"

Did you hear about me through my kinesiology practice?

My energy work is geared specifically to women who work with me in my programs. We work together towards your goals, clear limiting beliefs, optimize your nutrition, and address pain and inflammation that has kept you from showing up for yourself in the past. Book the call with me to find out what path might be right for you.

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