Energetic Fit

 5k & Strength Training

 The Energetic Way 

  • Exercise is an act of self-compassion not a punishment
  • Get out of bed excited about showing up for a workout instead of dreading it
  • Exercise is second nature
  • Know the power your body has today 
  • Be ok showing up exactly as you are


This isn't just a vision--it's what my clients shared with me about what they get out of our time together.


Here's what's 100% true:


  • Without a community and mindset work, we lack compassion for ourselves. 
  • Without an expert in our corner, we lack guidance and risk injury.
  • Without a plan and a place to show up, we are always starting tomorrow.


Three Tracks

Run a 5k, build strength, or both.

Energetic Way to 5k

Holistic mind-body walk/run 


✓ Train from anywhere using the Energetic Way to 5k Method, as mentioned in the New York Times

âś“12-week step-by-step guidance to a 5k through coaching and my online resource portal

✓ Learn proper form, body mechanics, stretching & strengthening 

âś“ Mindset work to overcome resistance

✓ Monthly health strategy calls 

✓ Weekly coaching, emails, and live trainings in our community for mindsey

✓ Private messenger chat 

✓ 24/7 Facebook Group daily accountability

✓ Local coaching access Wednesdays and Saturdays


kajabi template
kajabi template

Energetic Way to Strength 

Holistic mind-body strength

✓  Let your strength develop with ease at the click of a button and the 1:1 guidance from your coach

✓ Develop body awareness with intention-setting or breath work before every workout

✓ 30-minute blend of stability work, core work, light cardio, and strength training

✓ Only simple and highly effective movements that can be modified as needed

✓ Live and thoughtful guidance in mindset and form

✓ Sessions run Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6am or 9:30am EST, plus workout replays if you miss a class

✓ Weekly mindset emails and coaching calls to stay on track

✓ Monthly health strategy sessions

✓ Q&A with Helen before and after every workout to ask about form or modifications

What people Say

“I want to thank Helen Birney for her inspirational support and encouragement in getting me out of the funk. I didn't let what happened last week carry beyond Monday. I changed my mindset, my eating patterns, got up and moved 3 out of the remaining 4 days (mon - fri), ate what I had prepped, stuck to my night routine. My sleep has been completely different. waking up after 6-7 hours and feeling refreshed. Thank you, Helen for being on speed dial!” 


"I walk/ran M and W - It's Week one of my second cycle with Helen Birney. And I even got to wake up early for the 6am Strength (My 3 yo joining me didn’t get to highjack my plans!) 

This is very much a shift in lifestyle that I struggled to achieve for so many years, and that Helen has facilitated with grace and determination. She won’t do “it” for you, but you can count on her to support you every step of the way, with competence, compassion, and with the right amount of kick-ass to keep you honest. 

Thank you Helen and group, you are such a great addition to my life. 🙏🏻👊🏻"


“I know a lot of us are feeling crappy, eating way too much and feeling completely depleted and that is why I am posting this here. Helen has completely changed my life through her coaching and her energetic eating and movement program. For those of you who need a change now and are feeling stuck and don’t know how to get through this time, I really suggest contacting her. She is so amazing and can help you get to the place where you want to be."  


"Helen took me by the hand and showed me how I could start small and gradually increase my running times. It changed my life to have someone tell me I could do this, and now I'm crying writing this. I run 3 times a week and I absolutely love it, and my body and mind feel great! I've ran 2 5Ks and one more is coming up."

Ready to Train Together?

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12 weeks of mindset and 5k training

12-week 5k includes:

  • 5k content access, including the weekly calendar, mindset training, self-care, and bonus workouts as you progress 
  • Community group  support
  • Weekly Q&A's and coaching emails to enhance your program with mindset, nutrition, and lifestyle 
  • Monthly group coaching calls to ask questions, and stay focused
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12 weeks of mindset & strength

12-week strength includes:

  • LIVE strength classes Tuesdays and Thursdays  6:00am or 9:30am EST via Zoom with replays if you miss a class

  • Weekly Q&A's and coaching emails to enhance your program with mindset, nutrition, and lifestyle 
  • Community group support
  • Full access to my resource library of over 100 classes 
  • Monthly group coaching calls to ask questions, and stay focused 
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$1500 Value

Both programs PLUS three 1:1 strategy support call with Helen

  • All the components of both programs
  • Workout 5+ days per week with accountability and ongoing support between workouts
  • THREE 1:1 calls with Helen
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Have you fallen out of love with what you see in the mirror?


  • 97% of women are not in love with their bodies.
  • They're  struggling emotionally because of weight gain and self-doubt.
  • They're in an endless perpetual cycle of diet fads, ineffective exercise, and negative self-talk. 
  • We’ve been there. That’s why we cultivated a completely different approach.
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About Helen 


Helen Birney is the CEO of Cultivate Health and the founder of The Energetic Way anti-diet whole body health communities. She coaches women off the scale and into their lives through her thoughtful leadership, empathy, and intuition. Helen believes health at any age and stage of life is possible when we learn to connect our health goals to the most important parts of our lives. She holds a bachelors degree, two masters degrees, and over 2,000 hours in continued education in nutrition, fitness training, life coaching, energy nutrition and energy psychology. She is a published author and a co-parent to two children in Maplewood, New Jersey.


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