Strength Training
12-Week Live Program

 Stronger, happier, and closer to your true self.

Exercise is an act of self-compassion
not a punishment

Imagine getting out of bed everyday, excited about showing up for a workout instead of dreading it.  In this 12-week live online course, you will know the power of your body in a collaborative, fun, and supportive community with me and other powerful women.

January Enrollment

This is not a gym membership.

It's a community and a commitment to yourself. Every class begins with a short meditation on how to show up as your best self in strength training, and in your life. We bask in the energetic glow and share in the experience in class and in our community group.

Toni Ann

I had a realization yesterday about how much STRONGER I am right now. I actually know how to activate the parts of my body I didn't know were there.


You haven’t forgotten what it was like before, when it was hard, and change seems so daunting. So you speak to me in my language. I love that you break things down to smaller, more manageable goals, while still pushing me to get a little uncomfortable.


Wanted to tell you I had my physical today. I know it’s only been 2 weeks, but I’m already noticing so many changes. Thank you!

Get stronger and find freedom in your mind and your body

Starts week of January 7



Join Strength Now
  • 12 weeks of two classes per week Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:00am or 9:30am EST with supported break weeks through the strength library

  • 5-minute strength intention setting

  • 35-minute mix of core work, cardio, and weight training with thoughtful guidance in mindset, form, and how to access your personal power 

  • 5-minute cool-down, stretch, and reflection
  • Weekly mindset, nutrition, and lifestyle tips to incorporate

  • Workout replays and additional strength training videos on demand on off days, and during our break weeks

  • Private FB community membership and monthly coaching calls 

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