The Energetic Way to 5K
12-Week Program

Let's run together. 

It's not just a training calendar. It's a journey to self-love.

What keeps us stuck is not that we can't follow a simple calendar. It's the thoughts we have about our ability to get out in the first place. Pain. Fear of failure. Lack of support. We quit because we don't see there is a better way to run for your life instead of a weight loss goal or a crazy target distance. I painstakingly ran marathons for those things and broke my body. Today, I joyfully run 2-3 miles three times per week. We can learn how to listen for our sweet spot and move forward when we are ready.

It's my job to teach you to do the same. My 12-week 5k course includes mindset prompts that we discuss on coaching calls and in the group, as well as proper form, stretching, and self-care we do together.

Adding on the strength training component is an amazing way to be fully connected and integrated with your body.

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I can run for 30 minutes - I feel great, lost a few pounds, and I have loved running in the reservation in the mornings - it has been amazing for my emotional/mental health during the pandemic... I LOVE the accountability and the amazing community and new friends I have made.


Running has been a journey for me. Never been a runner, but took it on as a personal challenge with a huge help from my coach and trainer Helen McCaffrey Birney (shout out - she is phenomenal!)


I just did the week three run/walk and I was so worried because I have not run 3 mins straight in over 10 years! I did it and it was all good. I actually said out loud to myself after the first 3 mins, “holy sh*t I did it!” I just want to thank you for all the positive energy and giving me the tools to take care of myself. You are such a gift! 

Community and accountability is key.

So is doing what we want.


We train together using my week-by-week walk/run approach, three coaching calls to overcome limiting beliefs about yourself as a runner, and show up either with our sweaty selfies in the private group OR if you are local to Maplewood, NJ, you can join us in person for the group runs.  We are always here cheering each other on, as well as inviting each other to do what works for us that day. You'll see members pairing off to complete different interval sets as the program progresses. When the program is over, you are one of us and we have options to continue running with the group.

The Energetic Way to 5k is a holistic mind/body approach to a 5k that honors you as a runner today.

Next Session Starts January 10


12-Week Session

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  • Learn¬†your unique mental and physical roadblocks through the 5k¬†course and weekly guide¬†

  • Finally, figure out¬†how running works for you instead of against you with a combination of mindset and using the walk/run approach

  • Three group coaching calls at the beginning, middle, and end of the program to check in about your progress

  • Ultimate accountability--Virtual posts in the private community FB group and local meet-ups

    • Participants local to South Orange/ Maplewood have the option to meet Wednesdays at 6 am, and Saturdays at 8 am EST,¬†in South Orange/ Maplewood (location¬†provided via email)
  • Virtual Support in our private Facebook community
  • Option to continue with a monthly membership, or add strength training

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