How to Start and Sustain a Workout Program

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As a transformational health coach, I have used running, strength, and nutrition to help my clients get up and out the door to support the most important things in their lives. In my programs, we look for a reason to act, not a reason to lose.


In this live I’ve invited a few women who have completed running, strength, and nutrition journeys with me who know that there is a better way than beating yourself up using a scale, or obsessively tracking your food or using before and after pictures to prove your self-worth. After years of yo-yo dieting and unsustainable plans, I finally said enough is enough. I’m done comparing, weighing, hating on myself for change. What if I loved myself instead? What if my goal was to be more complete, instead of weigh less or look better, who felt good inside and out about the action I am taking? Deep down what was good for me was focusing on MYSELF, instead of measuring my worth or adhering to a plan.


If this resonates and you're ready to get off the scale and into your life with full on step-by-step process to know yourself better than a diet plan, mentorship, and a supportive community, join us in the Energetic Eating Method.

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