The Triad of Health

 I feel like nerding out today about my energy work. I am passionate about how I help women, and I want you to know all about it!


Before I became in energy healer, I used to think that health was two things: eating well and exercising enough.


But as a person who has had a tendency to be hard on myself, these arbitrary ideas of enoughness, or what I think I should do left me always thinking I wasn’t doing enough, and the “shoulds” kept me feeling in a constant state of feeling perpetual failure. This then set me up for dread of actually healing my relationship with myself and my body. I seemed to always fall short. 


Here’s what I have learned over the years by merging integration nutrition and energy healing: Our health is not about doing enough or what we should do. It’s balancing the triad of health, and knowing where to focus your energy when something feels off.


The triad of energetic health is made up of how we think, eat, and live.



How we Think

Our thoughts carry an energetic quality that bring us up or take us down. We can learn how to release limiting beliefs and negative thoughts we've adopted over our lifetime to welcome in supportive ones.


How we Eat

What we eat is made of energy that nourishes us or depletes us. It is not about good foods or bad foods; It's prioritizing the nutrition that generates the right energy for YOUR body, not anyone else's. We can be taught to feel this, not see it on a scale.


How we Live

Lifestyle factors such as stress reduction, sleep, and movement are important to help us recover, regenerate, and move energy around in our bodies. Friendship, spirituality, and community is also a part of helping us feel whole.

When these three components are all working together, our bodies feel stronger, lighter, and the world is full of joyful expectation. When one of them is off, we start to feel weaker, heavier, and full of dread. Deep inside, our bodies know something is broken, or blocking the feel good energy. 


Here’s the problem. Instead of investigating energy blocking signal from a neutral place, and look for solutions, we start judging ourselves on top of it.

  • We eat the “wrong thing”, then the judgment comes in.
  • We don’t wake up early to workout, and then the judgment comes in.
  • We want a day to rest, and believe there’s something wrong with us. 

What happens next is that instead of being in the KNOWING, we go into the JUDGING. 


That’s when we allow another part of the triad to break, and that’s where our bodies stop trusting we care for ourselves.


Restoring it with a coach well-versed in energy work and integrative health can help you find the balance to get off the scale of judgment and fear when it comes to dieting once and for all. 




If this resonates and you're ready to get off the scale and into your life with full on step-by-step process to know yourself better than a diet plan, mentorship, and a supportive community, join us in the Energetic Eating Method.

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