How I lost 30 pounds of body hate

The Energetic Way with Helen Birney
How I lost 30 pounds of body hate

There are so many reasons why we believe we need to get on another diet.

Reasons like:

  • I hate my body
  • I want to lose pregnancy weight
  • I have a condition making me stuck with weight gain
  • I have to stop stress/comfort eating
  • I eat healthily but I can’t shed the weight
  • I’m going through perimenopause and my body can't lose weight
  • I want to lose post-covid weight

I completely understand where you are coming from. It sucks to hate your body, and you will do ANYTHING to get out of that misery. But the problem that I faced for 20 years, and the problem that most women will continue to face if they don’t make a change or a shift in how they are thinking right now, is that they will continue to be stuck in the hate, the wanting, the have-to, and the I can’t no matter what. They will keep looking for the next thing to help them fix what’s going on with their bodies instead of changing the "I hate" "I want" "I have to" and "I can't" itself. 

Here’s what I know today that I wish I knew before I wasted decades down countless weight-loss rabbit holes. It’s what I teach my kids, and what I truly have to believe to end the dieting cycle and sustainably take action day in and day out, no matter what:

  • I love my body
  • I have choices with my body
  • It’s possible for me to have the body I want today

Unfortunately, for the next 20 years most women will be stuck in body-lack, where they are hiding in photos, not buying the bathing suit they really want, afraid to take action, and continue to berate themselves in the mirror because they don’t challenge the negativity. They only challenge their bodies. 


I promise you, this doesn’t work. 


I promise you that there is NO fad diet that will fix the relationship with the body you have. Not one.


Because every single one of the fad diets is affirming that you will get what you want by acknowledging the negative way you feel about yourself.


Every single fad diet will say, if you lose weight, all those problems will go away. 


If that was true, I wouldn’t work with hundreds of women on not dieting and instead changing the way they think about themselves first, then followed by actions for their health that are tailored to their unique bodies, and unwinding the trauma of dieting to get results that they want instead of dieting again.  Women I work with are tired of always throwing money and caution to the wind, taking a risk on a fad diet rather than actually doing what worlds for them on a deeper level.


Maybe you’re tired of it too. And like them, you’re scared to let go. Maybe you've tried an intuitive approach, but you never did the mindset work to learn to trust yourself, the years of fad dieting has left you confused, or you need more guidance and more healing. 


You are working AGAINST an over 400 billion dollar industry that wants you to believe that dieting and losing weight is your priority. 


You’ve may have spent all this time investing in things like Weight Watchers or Optavia/Medifast, or going Keto or only eating 6 hours a day to control your weight. Of course you want to feel validated in spending that money, in hopes that what you’re doing will work.


But here’s the truth that diets won’t tell you.

The subtle message you send to yourself is: I don’t trust myself. I can’t hear myself. I won’t take the time to understand my true needs. My weight is the most important thing in my life.


So here you are, hating your body, thinking you can’t take action unless you do something that leads you to body distrust and the scale ruling your life. 


I didn’t want to live that way anymore, and I don’t want any woman to ever have to live that way.


In this live training, I go deeper into the the most important component from my program, The Energetic Eating Method, to get you to tune in, to listen to your body’s needs, to understand what’s going on on the inside that connects your brain to your heart and to your gut.


You'll be able to stop this viscous cycle:


  1. Hate
  2. Subscribe to a new diet
  3. Do it for a while
  4. Fail
  5. Hate
  6. Subscribe to a new diet
  7. Do it for a while
  8. Fail
  9. Hate


 And feel a sense of freedom and permission to thrive like you've never felt before.


You can join my free Facebook group to join the LIVE future chats and Q&A's around living without the number here:


You can also listen to this training episode to learn more, and download the accompanying bonus sheet.



If this resonates and you're ready to get off the scale and into your life with full on step-by-step process to know yourself better than a diet plan, mentorship, and a supportive community, join us in the Energetic Eating Method.

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