Consistency and making a +1/-1 list


 It wasn’t too long ago that...and I thought to myself, how am I going to lose weight today?


I tried weight watchers.

I tried south beach diet.

I tried gym memberships.

I tried personal trainers.

I tried calorie counting.

I tried juice fasts and cleanses.

I tried running marathons.

Maybe you tried these things too.


But consistency never seeped in. If it did, I wouldn't have had to try so many different things.

I stopped wanting to count points. I stopped wanting to eat low carb. I stopped wanting to go to the gym. I stopped wanting to pay for a person trainer. I stopped wanting to count calories. I stopped the juice fast. I stopped wanting to run endless miles.


You’ve likely tried these things to help yourself lose weight. You’ve likely purchased special supplements of programs to improve gut health and decrease inflammation. All in the name of weight loss. 


And this is where consistency breaks down.


Instead of relying on willpower and a diet, we need to set the intention for your dream health, and then identify the ways you are getting in your own way by making a list of -1's and +1's.

-1's are the behaviors you know you'd like less of.

+1's are the ones you know you'd like more of.

Consistency doesn't belong to the right diet or the right tracker. It belongs to you living your truth, and being really clear about what needs to change.


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