Losing Weight with Abundance

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How many of you eat well for a day and you step on the scale to see how you did? Maybe you pat yourself on the back, and then you step on it and criticize yourself for nothing lost, or something gained. So here you are, reprogramming the way you are eating in your life, and then using a number on the scale to decide if what you are doing is working. That’s insane. It’s literally insane. 


Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.


You are stepping on the scale over and over again, expecting different results. But the result is always the same. Different number, same internal struggle. Validation of your self-worth. The same negative conversation about our bodies over and over again. 

Quantum physics says that our consciousness makes our reality. We are all making meaning of what we see. In fact the only thing in our consciousness is what we can make sense of. 


We are having internal conversations all of the time. If we see ourselves as fat, ugly, unworthy of love, crop tops, bikinis, or joy unless we lose weight, that is YOUR reality. That will 100% absolutely NOT change even if you lose weight. You will still feel fat, ugly, unworthy of love or wearing crop tops, bikinis, and joy. You are manifesting the desire to to hate yourself to take action because that is your focus. That’s what you see, and that is the meaning you are choosing. 


And it is also the reason that we get stuck in our weight loss journeys, where we start with what we see that means something, and then we create all these stories on it. 


Is this you?

  • You spend time worrying about your body or your weight
  • You want to lose weight but you feel stuck
  • You know what to do but you can’t seem to do it


But those things don’t make you a bad person. And focusing on how you feel negatively about yourself and dwindling down your changes to your weight only feeds that harmful, negative belief.


We can make changes today knowing exactly what’s going on for you, while also having HUGE impact on your overall well-being.


We are going to do this by learning six action steps you can take to own your self-worth and get results from an abundant mindset. 


So where do we look instead? We look within. At the insides, where the real results happen and we stop looking at that scale over and over again. We develop love and appreciation for the process of feeling better NOW and to make that feeling LAST by putting our new habits on repeat because they make up a greater, more fulfilling life you can’t live without.


 We can’t keep wanting weight LOSS. We want to look for MORE in our lives and let weight loss be a result. 

So why are we continuously trying to make our bodies a problem, when the root causes are the actual issue? We get so attached to these old ways of tracking, there’s no room to listen. To pause. We stay in expectation and results instead of our bodies.


Watch this live post to think about it differently, and download the 6 Action Steps to Positive Self-Worth of your Weight Loss Journey.


If this resonates and you're ready to get off the scale and into your life with full on step-by-step process to know yourself better than a diet plan, mentorship, and a supportive community, join us in the Energetic Eating Method.

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