The Energetic Eating Method

Compassionate Weight Loss for Women


Are you feeling like...


 You are all or nothing when it comes to health? 

 You're tired of recommitting to diets?         

 You're unhappy with the way you see yourself right now?


Welcome to a compassionate solution that works with the energy inside of your body.


 Step-by-step nutrition, lifestyle, and movement guidance tailored to your body's needs

 Personalized nutrition to fit your unique energetic profile
 Mindset coaching so that you can finally break out of the all-or nothing mentality and other subconscious beliefs that keep you stuck
Group coaching support so that you never feel lonely in your health journey and have a community of empowering women in your corner
 24-hour chat support

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Join over 200 other women who were sick of the dieting cycle and broke free with the energetic eating method.

"I’ve been through Helen’s program and can attest to the powerful change it can make in your life. I’ve learned how to make positive changes that have affected all areas of my life."


"Helen is the first person I've met in a long time who addresses the underlying aspects of what we eat, whether or not we move, etc., and she discourages people from "dieting" and instead encourages us to focus on what brings us energy and joy."


"When I am eating what is good for me I no longer spend/waste so much time feeling guilty about my choices.  Other huge changes were getting rid of my heartburn, taking control of my meals, and really enjoying good food." 


The thought of another failed diet is exhausting.


Fear of failure.

Fear of self-sabotage.

These are fears, not truths.

Diets make us feel like that.

Diets tear you down. Diets give one-size fits all solutions. Diets cause more harm than good physically and emotionally.

There has to be a better way.

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Thank goodness,

you don't have to deal with that anymore.


The Energetic Eating Method

>>    Builds you up with thoughts you need to take action

>>    Treats you as a unique individual

>>    Stops the cycle of body shaming by focusing on the most important things in your life

>>    Ends the self-sabotage that has taken up so much mental space

No other program understands that health must be both positively affirming and  address the reality of inflammatory foods and behaviors that keep us stuck.


I believe the truth about your health is inside of you waiting to be seen. It's the things you want to do but you're standing in your own way.


I get it. I stood in my own way for 15 years and decided enough was enough.

No matter how long it has been for you, you believe enough is enough too.

You're ready to understand what foods work for you.

You're ready to end the battle and see how to easily choose what's best for you in any given moment.

You're ready to love yourself and your life in the body you have today.

You're ready to have the body you want from a place of deep love and understanding instead of a place of fear.



You're ready to feel empowered through energetic health.


I want to feel it!

An individualized program

Coaching and Personalized Nutrition

 Learn the limiting beliefs you've developed about implementing healthy habits

 Finally figure out the foods that work for your unique body through my proven 12-step system

 Compassionate accountability through weekly deep dives, check-ins and monthly health strategy calls

kajabi template
kajabi template

Community support

Group coaching


 Know you are never alone in the journey to health, and share the win-win energy of the group

Understand common struggles and overcome them together

 Join women in all phases of the program to see where you are, where you've been, and where you're going


The Process

Energetic Eating Method 

 Helen's signature healing process to tap into your innate wisdom and resolve underlying issues such as hormonal imbalances, gut health, and your stress response to reach your health goals easily

 Subconscious belief work, affirmations, and transformational vocabulary to end self-sabotage

 Learn how to eat for a life you love by using principles of energetic nutrition

 Bonus live trainings and workshops during your program

✓  Access to all live training recordings with Helen on mindset, nutrition, and lifestyle in the EEM portal

 Exclusive Invitation to challenges, health accelerators, and annual retreats


kajabi template

You may be wondering...


Current Bonuses in EEM


Movement Tracks: Energetic Way to 5k & Energetic Way to Strength 

Stagnant energy is a major cause of depression, anxiety, restlessness, and imbalance. My 5k & semi-private strength empowerment training programs can help you dig deep into resistance to change and get your energy flowing so you make consistent and loving choices for your whole body. For a limited time, this is included in a Bundle with the Energetic Eating Method. 



Quick Start Nutrition: 5 Energetic Way Recipe Books

You'll get access to recipes and meal plan examples to balance your mental and emotional well-being, digestion, hormones, and energy levels while we work on your unique energetic body plan.


I'm Helen 


I was sick and tired of recommitting to diets.

I was tired of being angry at myself because of my weight.

I knew there had to be a better way. 

I stopped dieting and I started taking action for the most important things in my life. 

I ran over my scale with a car and set on a journey to health by knowing MYSELF.

Not a diet plan.

Award-winning coach, author, and energetic health practitioner, featured in:


✓ You trust yourself when it comes to food and exercise

✓You stop giving up on yourself 

✓ You feel light, free, and energized

Are you ready to stop dieting and start healing?

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You get:

The 12-Step program to ditch fad dieting and achieve optimal health 

Monthly group intention-setting calls

Weekly live group calls and recordings to take you through the step-by-step process

Monthly 1:1 Deep-Dive Coaching Calls with Helen

Private community group

DAILY Private chat support with Helen for ultimate accountability

Weekly personalized mindset, nutrition, and lifestyle feedback

BONUS 1: An initial 75-minute 1:1 Health Strategy Session 

BONUS 2: LIVE Zoom Strength training 2x per week


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